Our ultra-modern and extensive manufacturing facility is located in Worcester, South Africa.

Since 1995, GRW has been committed to enhancing customer efficiency through our world-class trailers and tankers. Our products are renowned for their resistance to fatigue and their dependability in the harsh conditions of sub-Saharan Africa and various other environments.

Our manufacturing facility in Worcester covers 40 000-square metres and it houses some of the most advanced technological equipment for trailer manufacturing. This includes laser cutters, programmable CNC robots, automated welding machines and more. The result is perfect alignment and dimensions across all of our products.

GRW trailers can be found across the globe, serving various industries and logistics providers. Our trailers can be seen on roads in Southern Africa, the Middle East, Australia, the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. We have manufacturing complexes in South Africa, Germany and Kenya.

GRW adds value

Our highly qualified engineers are able to configure the trailers and tankers to meet the unique needs of each of our customers and their country of origin. GRW delivers a premium product that meets strict international standards for quality and safety, as well as conforming to each country’s transport regulations.

We have accredited service centres around the world to provide first-rate servicing, repairs, roadside assistance, modifications and a variety of spare parts to our customers. These service centres also offer rental units. All repairs and maintenance are conducted according to international industry developments and standards.

GRW offers a 24-hour aftersales support network to customers through a network of independent repair centres and maintenance agreements with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).