SHE management

GRW is a world-class operation, not only in terms of the road tankers and trailers we send out into the market, but also because it consistently meets and exceeds the legally prescribed standards for on-site safety, health and environmental management.

GRW has been awarded four-star status according to the National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA)’s Integrated Five Star System, in which NOSA evaluators conducted a meticulous and extensive audit of the premises.

The grading was based on a Disabling Incident Frequency Rate of less than two, and an overall score of more than 75% on all safety and health related aspects. These include emergency reaction plans and the management of hazardous chemical substances, to illumination and noise levels and the state of electrical equipment. In addition, a qualified health practitioner is employed by the company to conduct regular general health clinics for all employees.

In order to reduce our impact on the environment to a greater extent than is legally prescribed in terms of pollutants, we have implemented a focused resource conservation programme which includes a water recycling system, the reduction of gas usage and two energy efficiency audits to reduce electricity usage.

As a result of the refinement of GRW’s waste management programme, only 14% of waste ends up in landfills, while almost 15% is reused and more than 66% is recycled.


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