My father was adamant that to successfully transport the type of hazardous cargoes we specialise in and grow the business, we had to have the right equipment so as to not compromise the environment we live and work in. That is why he established a solid working relationship with GRW Engineering of Worcester in the Western Cape, many years ago, to supply us with the bulk of our road tankers in both stainless steel and aluminium.

We’ve grown with GRW Engineering over the years but their successes have been our successes as our company has been officially accredited by the leading fuel and chemical companies in South Africa to be totally compliant in terms of health, safety and care of the environment.

Nicholas Naidoo,
Managing Director – Wardens Cartage

We as a company place such a high premium on health, safety and taking care of the environment that our main concern has and remains the quality of the workmanship our suppliers put into their products. GRW Engineering does this so well that the price of their products almost always plays a secondary role in our decision making and purchasing.

Pragasen Govender
Wardens Cartage

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