Q4 Fuel is a well-established fuel wholesaler in Pretoria. Our acquaintance with GRW dates back to October 2010 when Q4 Fuel bought their first two three-axle aluminum tankers from GRW’s Worcester plant. Q4 Fuel is to date the proud owners of 20 GRW tankers and millions of litres of fuel are distributed across the different provinces of South Africa.

The main reason why Q4 Fuel decided on GRW as a supplier  is that  the tankers are locally built and maintained, thus providing the assurance that the supplier will always be accessible .  Added to that is the long-standing GRW reputation which is synonymous with excellence, reliability and superior technology.  The GRW engineering excellence and supreme quality  in design and workmanship enables Q4 Fuel to deliver their product with the highest levels of safety and security. The GRW quality of design and build, coupled with the best ancillary equipment like valves, sensors and controls, makes  the loading and unloading of these amazing looking tankers a ‘walk in the park’.

The after-sales service provided by  GRW is of an exceptional standard and exceeds all our expectations. The staff at the Johannesburg maintenance workshops are efficient, extremely helpful and above all,  available 24/7  with road side assistance. Q4 Fuel is indeed proud of our association with  GRW . We are looking forward to a maintained,  fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with these excellent tanker builders.

Carien de Klerk
Project Manager

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