Silo Tipping Bulker

Overview & Description

GRW manufacture premium silo tipping bulk trailers for both food-grade and non-food grade applications in the dry bulk transport industry. Main features include an on-board electrical driven (24V) hydraulic pump kit for tipping and mobile offloading. All units are fitted with a stainless steel, electro-polished DN800 discharge bowl. Configured to meet the unique transportation needs of our customers, a wide variety of options include hydraulic stabilising landing legs for optimal operator safety.


Tare weightapprox. 6 500 kg
Payload *approx. 27 500 kg (*Tare and truck tractor dependent)
Vessel MaterialsShell: Aluminium (EN AW 5083 - AlMg 4.5Mn) Dishes: Aluminium (EN AW 5083 - AlMg 4.5Mn) Manways and rear outlet castings: Aluminium (AlMg 5)
CompartmentsOne Comp (clean-bore)
Operating parameterTest pressure: 3 bar Operating pressure: 2 bar Operating temperature: -40°C / +80°C
Discharge5 987mm
AirlineThree-inch main supply airline on side of chassis and two-inch top airline fitted in stainless steel or aluminium options available.
Stainless steel, electro-polished DN100 air distribution manifold for aeration and injection fitted with temperature gauge, pressure gauge, sight glass, filter and air distribution valves.
Tank top is fitted with a non‐return valve, a vacuum valve and two-bar safety air release valve, as well as a two-inch vent valve for top air pressure release.
Chassis Aluminium chassis with support cradles, cross-members and rear hinge mechanism.
CatwalkAluminium, 400mm wide walkway with collapsible handrails and rear access ladder fitted to left hand side. Stainless steel electro-polished options available.
Axles & suspension-


35m³ Hopper Bulker

40m3 Silo Tipping Bulker

42m3 Silo Tipping Bulker

60m3 Silo Tipping Bulker

66m3 Silo Tipping Bulker

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