Pneumatic Dry Bulkers

Overview & Description

GRW manufactures a wide range of pneumatic bulkers for the efficient and reliable transportation of almost all dry goods including cement, lime & flour. Configurations include 40m³, 49m³, 65m³ Tridem semi’s and 15m³ & 20m³ pup’s that can accommodate a GHH or XK12 compressor. Fitted manholes are manually operated with the option to operate them pneumatically. Discharge is aided by fluidisers or vibration. For cement discharge through delivery hoses or spreader bar.


15m³ Tandem PUP
Length 5 473mm
Width 2 600mm
Height 3 752mm
Coupling HeightN/A
Wheelbase3 318 – 3755 mm
Tare Weight 2 800kg
Payload6000 – 10 000kg
20m³ Tandem PUP
Length 5 336mm
Width 2 600mm
Height 4 097mm
Coupling Height 847mm
Wheelbase3 184mm
Tare Weight 3 000Kg
Payload8 340Kg
40m³ Tridem Semi
Length13 164mm
Width2 600mm
Height4 090mm
Coupling Height 1 320mm
Wheelbase10 000mm
Tare Weight 5830 – 6850 kg
Payload32 000 – 33 800kg
49m³ Tridem Semi
Length12 819mm
Width2 600mm
Height4 067mm
Coupling Height 1 320mm
Wheelbase9 450mm
Tare Weight 6 000 – 6 800 kg
Payload32 000 kg
65m³ Tridem Semi
Length14 280mm
Height4 097mm
Coupling Height 1 312mm
Wheelbase10 000mm
Tare Weight 7 380Kg
Payload32 469Kg


GRW standard Pneumatic Dry Bulker range include:

  • 40m³ Tridem Semi
  • 49m³ Tridem Semi
  • 65m³ Tridem semi
  • 15m³ Pup
  • 20m³ Pup

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