Fuel Tanker (Export)

Overview & Description

Our export Fuel tankers are specifically designed for African road conditions: exceptional durability and increased payload being prime considerations.


TypeTri-axle semi-trailer
ApplicationFuel SPD
Tare weight (±3%)6 086 kg
Weight distributionFront 16 000 kg, Rear 24 000 kg, Total 40 000 kg
Coupling heightUnladen 1 320 mm
Wheelbase8 725 mm (not for operation in S.A.)
Design Capacity (gross)45 000 litre
CompartmentsSix (7495, 7417, 7487, 7492, 7427 & 7452 litre)
Payload in petrol (estimated)30 870 kg (42 000 litre @ SG=0.735) (7000, 7000, 7000, 7000, 7000 & 7000 litre)
Payload in diesel (estimated)34 235 kg (41 000 litre @ SG=0.835) (7000, 6500, 6500, 7000, 7000 & 7000 litre)
Designed According toEN13094 (not for operation in S.A.)
Pressure Vesseln/a – pressure tested to 39kPa
Products Petrol (UN1203), Diesel (1202), Kerosene (UN1223)
ShapeElliptical forward, cone and rear section
MaterialAluminium 5182H111(T500)/ XTRAL
Design temperatures-20°C to + 50°C
End, compartment domes & baffles5.2 mm before forming thickness (guaranteed 5mm after forming thickness) (baffles with 500mm diameter reinforced manholes)
Shell5.1 mm before forming thickness (guaranteed 5mm after forming thickness)
ReinforcementAluminium T section stiffeners
Overturn ProtectionExtruded aluminium valance c/w transverse protection members
Mild Steel finishShot blasted and painted Grey RAL7031
Aluminium tank exterior finishCleaned and painted White RAL9016, Additional paint colours can be included
Manholes and Lids6 off - ZHE 500mm Bolt down type c/w pressure/vacuum vent & emergency vent | Dipstick guide fitted on inside of each filling hatch to be extended to the floor of each compartment
Vapour Recovery SystemNot fitted
Overfill SensorsNot fitted
Material Aluminium
Rear Under-run BumperMild steel section
Landing Legs Jost E112-A-48-002 with a single 2-speed gearbox
Rubbing PlateMild Steel 12mm with Jost 50 mm flanged kingpin
SuspensionGRW, Air Suspension
AxlesGRW Propar Drum Brake axles
Lift Axle optional extraNot fitted, can be included as an optional extra
Rims7 off - 11.75*22.5 Steel rims
Tyres7 off - 385/65R22.5 – Double Star DSR118 - Super singles. As an optional extra, Bridgestone R168 tyres can be fitted instead of Double Star
Bottom Discharge Valves6 off - ZHE pneumatic operated 100mm (pressure non-compensated). Niehuser valves can be used in place of ZHE as optional extra
Valve OperationNiehueser pneumatic button block | Air service unit with isolating valve, lubricator, regulator and pressure gauge | Emergency release red knob fitted on far side | Six off aluminium compartment capacity plates | Any pneumatic piping that are in direct sunlight to be covered by sleeving
Tank Discharge LinesIndividual pipes
Load/unload Adaptors6 off ZHE 100mm API open able + cap fitted. Niehuser valve can be used in place of ZHE as optional extra
Drip trayCabinet fitted around discharge adaptor c/w drip-tray under API
Protection over Load/unload Adaptors Cabinet door closes in front of discharge API
Product Meter Not required
Product PumpNot required
Braking SystemWABCO EBS – 24Volt. Any pneumatic piping that are in direct sunlight to be covered by sleeving
Brake coupling hosesTruck tractor to be equipped with Red & Yellow brake hoses suzi’s - done by customer
Electrical System12/24 V systems
Rear Lights2-off Combination stop/tail/indicator lamp per side
Reverse lamp1 off fitted per side
Anti-theft gridFitted over rear lights & number plate lights
High Level Rear LightsOne additional high level Combination stop/tail/indicator lamp per side
Side Marker Lights5-off Fitted per side
Work lightNot fitted
Fire ExtinguisherTwo 9kg STP cylinders mounted in Red G.R.P. holders
Hazchem HoldersOnly Hazchem placards (1203) affixed to rear and both sides of tank shell. As an optional extra, Hazchem Plackard Boards can be fitted instead of non-ABS
Hose TraySingle 270mm wide aluminium extruded hose tray
Gravity delivery hoseNot fitted. As an optional extra the following can be added (option 8) : Two off 100mm x 4,5 metre Composite Fuel hoses / Permanently fixed hose ends : 4” API Gravity drop coupler on tanker end and 4” Type D Female Camlock coupler on the other end - c/w dust plugs
Handrail and Manhole Locking DeviceAluminium handrail on one side (manual operated) fitted To prevent tampering at the manlid and flanges on tank top, the following can be included as optional extra : Complete handrail covered with aluminium plate c/w manual locking (barrel bolt type)
Tank Access LadderAluminium tubing 40mm with fluted rungs at rear of tank
Drain PipesAt front and rear of spill box, running through tank shell
Front MudguardsNot fitted · As an optional extra, stainless steel front mudguards can be fitted
Rear MudguardsBlack plastic single wheel type - spray suppression mud flaps fitted to rear of all mudguards
Side Under-run ProtectionAluminium dual side rails
Spare Wheel CarrierWinch type provided - dual - 1x Super Single & 1x dual type wheel
Static CableReeled coated stainless steel static cable with cable clamp fitted near side
Internal BondingStatic cables from top to bottom of tank in each compartment
Bonding PointExternal bonding point : · 1 off per vehicle side · must be marked with ground marking signs
ToolboxOne off lockable rotationally moulded plastic tool box
WalkwaySafety Walk Black strips along the length of the spill box
Wheel ChocksTwo wheel chocks of non-sparking material - stowed far-side guard area
PlatesVehicle information, load capacity plates
Reflective TapeYellow to the sides and red to the rear tailboard.
Chevron Board1,8 m
Hazchem PlacardsThree off - UN no. 1203 class 3 - DETAIL TO BE CONFIRMED WITH CUSTOMER
Information StickersNo Smoking, No Open Flame and No Cell phones stickers to be fixed to rear and both sides
Dipstick· 6-off Aluminium dipsticks with nylon tip stowed on tank top - dipstics to be blanc without any markings · The following must be included o Dipstick guide fitted on inside of each filling hatch to be extended to the floor of each compartment
Calibration Chart Supplied
Customer DecalsNot Included - can be included as an optional extra
Road Cones-



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