Dry Van Trailers

Overview & Description

GRW have used their experience and expertise to provide the South African market with a higher standard in Dry Van trailers. GRW assembles a European custom-made box body here in South Africa on to a proven GRW chassis.

FERROPLAST technology

Ferroplast® panel technology is the market leader all across Europe. Ferroplast bodies combine the increased insulation properties of NX-17 polyurethane hard foam with durable steel skins.

  • No water ingress into the panels no weight gain over time
  • Low heat storage capacity faster pull-down times
  • Age resistant steel covering skins never get brittle
  • Easy repairs low cost and more uptime


6/12 Interlink Dryvan15.5m Tri-Axle Semitrailer14.7m Tri-Axle Semitrailer
Internal Lengths6 120 mm and 12 250 mm15 475 mm14 650 mm
Internal Height2 765 mm 2 765 mm2 765 mm
Internal Width2 520 mm2 520 mm2 520 mm
Total Volume128 m³108 m³102 m³


6/12 Interlink Dryvan

14.7m Tri-Axle Semitrailer

15.5m Tri-Axle Semitrailer

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